Old Folks

Get the best support and care at Old Folks Home in Ipoh

Growing old is the reality of life, but it also brings along many complications. Looking after your loved ones can be a tedious job either due to their illness or your busy schedule.

Old Folks Home in Ipoh is the right place for your elderly ones. We have professional and trained staff who looks after your loved ones in the best possible way.

We understand that leaving your loved ones isn’t easy, but an old folk home can give them a better life surrounded by professional care and a piece of mind to you.

Grow older gracefully at Old Folks Home in Ipoh

Pusat Jagaan V Nightingale’s old folks home provides shelter, medical care, and support to your loved ones. Here are some facilities only a professional old folk home like us can offer

Quality of life

At professionally run Old Folks Home, your loved ones are under the supervision of professional trained staffs who continuously monitor them. Moreover, the Nursing Home staff ensures that they take medicine and healthy meals at the proper time. The quality of life of your loved ones is very dear to us.

Social interaction & Improved Mental Health

Throughout the stay in V Nightingale’s Old Folk Homes, your beloved will have the support of a skilled team who will listen to them and never let them feel alone. Besides, having the same age group living around promotes a positive environment and encourages residents to interact with each other, understand, and emotionally support each other.

Old Folks Home in Ipoh

Looking for an Old Folks Home near you with the best services so you can be at peace that your loved ones are in the right hands? Right facilities and services will do wonders in favour of your beloved ones. V Nightingale Care Ipoh is a one-stop solution to meet all your needs and leave you at ease.

 How can we help?

V Nightingale Care provides round-the-clock care to your dear ones. We aim to provide services to everyone in need. Your satisfaction and ease are our utmost priority, and we choose to do what is best for you. Our staff of professional nurses, doctors, and pharmacists ensure to take care of all your needs.

If you feel your elder’s health is deteriorating or you are not able to take care of them properly, you should contact us immediately. We would be happy to assist you.